minipack's XP-Series of vacuum sealers is designed for chefs and their needs. It is the first vacuum sealer with an integrated HACCP direct label printer. It also has a programmable control board that allows extended power infusion and sensor technology for sealing hot products. The most popular features are:

Log-in and work out your HACCP plan with minipack.
We've got you covered! minipack HACCP Portal guides you intuitively through your HACCP plan for vacuum packaging, sous vide cooking and cook-chill. Choose your flow chart or create your own, enter your product name and ingredients and let the templates do the work for you.
Integrated direct thermal printing with HACCP label information.
The direct thermal printer automatically prints the pre-programmed sticky label with exact vacuum / gas percentage and time stamp according to HACCP regulations. Print one or more labels at the same time with all information - item name, ingredients, pack date and time, expiration date, production lot, operator name, and more.
Vacuum seal liquids and solids to maintain freshness.
Vacuum sealing food products in your kitchen is no longer a luxury a necessary piece of equipment for all kitchen sizes. Chefs are using vacuum sealers to reduce food waste, portion control bulk purchases, and extend the shelf life of perishables. Vacuum sealing also greatly decreases dehydration during refrigeration and eliminates freezer burn.
Great sous vide cooking begins with a chamber vacuum sealer.
Achieve the best results with the sous vide cooking technique by sealing food in a chamber vacuum sealer. This helps to maintain the integrity of the food, preserve all flavors, and prevent weight loss. Food prepared this way can be chilled and stored to optimize labor and distribution of work load.
Choose extended vacuum time for power infusion.
minipack XP-Series vacuum sealers can hold the product under vacuum pressure for up to 10 minutes, removing the natural gases within the product and creating the void which is then filled with marinade. This intensifies the meat marinating process and gives porous fruits and vegetables more dense textures, vibrant colors, and intense flavors.
Programmable temperature control for efficient hot food packaging.
Simply specify the product temperature to vacuum seal, and the vacuum cycle will automatically stop when the maximum pressure is achieved for that temperature. Reduce your labor cost by eliminating the chill down step before vacuum sealing.